Private Educational Services

Ennova Learning Solutions is a private educational-service organization that provides expert college planning services to companies working with college bound students.

We have successfully combined technology, a caring team of highly trained educational coaches, and years of experience into building an affordable college-planning program that can help your students succeed. Ennova provides the most comprehensive college-planning service package available today.

Our Passion

Our students are as varied as the places they call home – but they share the same goals:

• Finding colleges that are a good fit based on academics, social and emotional needs, as well as the family’s finances
• Being able to meet admission requirements
• Identifying a meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling career path
• Having several good college choices when the time comes to make a final decision
• And finally, being able to graduate from college in four years

Our passion is helping students to discover their destiny.

Our Goal

We know that with the current economy it's not just about getting students into college—it's about helping them find a career direction that is fulfilling, exciting, and can also bring financial stability.

Now more than ever, students need a careful and smart decision process for career selection.

Some students have a good idea about what they want to do with their lives, while others don’t have a clue. Our program helps students begin to realize their potential and sets them on a path to help them achieve it. Our goal is to help students discover a career that enriches their spirit and brings financial rewards.

Our Guidance

Getting ready for college is so much more than taking tests and writing essays. Success comes as families accomplish each step in our process, make decisions as directed, and take appropriate actions.

Steps missed could be opportunities lost!

We know your families are busy, so we keep them on track, making sure they are doing the right steps at the right times—saving them time and money.

With our guidance, your students will learn to make wise decisions and stay organized, which will allow them to finish college on time and start their careers ahead of their peers.