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about-usIf you own a business that works with students, Ennova Learning Solutions can help provide the college and career planning services your students need to secure a successful future. Our service platform help is designed to help students who are anywhere between 8th grade and their senior year in high school, and we continue to guide them until they enter college.

Our company differs from other educational service providers because we have worked with tens of thousands of students and thousands of colleges to create a proven approach that combines the use of technology and personal coaching from our expert staff. With over 50 years of combined experience in the college-planning industry, our management team knows how to help students reach their college and career goals.

We have helped tens of thousands of students since 2007 and have invested millions of dollars to create our own proprietary online program that makes the complex process of finding the right career, and the right college at the right cost, a lot less stressful for students and parents. And if it’s less stressful for them, it’s less stressful for you!

Ennova Learning Solutions’ white label technology platform allows for rebranding with your company logo and color scheme at the domain of your choice. The platform includes technical support so your company does not need to amass technical resources to create and support the ideal educational system for your families.

In addition to the college-planning system for your clients, Ennova Learning can also provide a comprehensive online reservation system and call center for inbound reservations for your marketing and workshop events. Our comprehensive reservation system enables interested families to sign up either online or via telephone for events planned by your organization to promote your branded service offering. Once reservations are captured in our system, they can be exported in various formats to use for event planning. This CRM platform offers detailed reporting as required by your organization.

To support our partners the highest quality of service, training, and experience, all of our coaches are active members in good standing with the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC).

If you have questions about how Ennova Learning Solutions can help your company help students, please send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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