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programs-servicesEnnova believes in your students!

Our program is personalized, easy to use, and is supported by real human beings who care. The Ennova Coaching Team is at the heart of our service. Students and parents have access by phone, email, and chat, not just to one coach, but to our entire team of coaches as they make the journey from high school to college. Our coaches love working with teenagers and work hard to help each student discover his or her unique potential and set goals so that they can achieve their dreams.

All Coaching Team Members are carefully screened and undergo thorough background checks. Each Coach is a degreed professional with degrees ranging from Bachelor’s to Master’s. We have invested heavily in the training of our Coaching Team to ensure that they are equipped to provide the absolute best guidance possible. All Coaches complete Ennova’s proprietary College-Planning Coach Certification Curriculum developed in conjunction with Dr. Kathleen McGuire, the creator of UCLA’s highly acclaimed College Planning Certification Program. In addition, many experienced coaches have also completed the College Counseling Certification through UCLA. They are also kept up to date on educational legislation and receive ongoing training in all areas of college planning and financial aid. All Coaches are also active members of NACAC and visit colleges throughout the United States. They have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Camp College, local college fairs and local chamber of commerce events.

The online components of our program were designed to our personal specifications to maximize student engagement, make the process simple to follow, and ensure that students have everything they need to successfully complete their journey through high school to their first day as a college student! We start by having the students take some assessments to discover more about their personalities and learning styles, and work with the family all the way to the end, at which time we help the parents understand the student’s award letters and make sure the student has the life skills needed for college.

Our comprehensive program includes:
  • Personality Assessment
  • Learning Styles Assessment
  • Career Assessments
  • Career Coaching & College Major Identification
  • College Profiles with MyFit™ Feature
  • College Selection
  • Study Skills & Test Taking Skills
  • Online Tutoring for Math & Science
  • Test Prep (PSAT, PreACT, SAT®, & ACT™)
  • Merit Aid Process
  • Application Reviews
  • Application & Scholarship Essays Reviews
  • Award Letter Reviews
  • Financial Aid Coaching & Critical Document Reviews
  • Unlimited Coaching with Assistance by Phone, Email, and Chat
  • Informative Articles & Videos on Key Topics
  • Timely Email Reminders to Keep Families on Track

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